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Coleman Powermate

Coleman Powermate is a well-known brand for over four decades. It is providing portable power solutions and tools for both professionals and domestic consumers. Coleman Powermate products portfolio includes generators, water pumps, pressure washers, air compressors and air tools. However, Powermate is famed for its portable generators.

All Coleman Powermate products are designed and tested to assure best quality is provided. Main parts are world-class manufactures, such as Subaru, Yamaha and Honda. The variety will surely address your needs. For home or outdoor use, for heavy duty, the right Powermate can be found.

Coleman Powermate lines and models are distinguished by its prefix. Generators are indicated by PM or PC. Water Pumps models start with PP and Pressure Washers goes with PW. Air Compressors have more than one prefix option in their names, but none is similar to the other lines. Each and every prefix is followed by six digits.

Generators product line:

Total of seventeen products, allow you to enjoy portable electric power at different occasions: camping, at home or for industry purposes, from 1100 watt generator up to commercial level units producing up to 13,500 watts. All models are assembled in the USA at the Kearny, Nebraska facility.

Categories and models:

Contractor category – includes four models, 7000 Watt or higher.
Home Backup category – includes ten models, 5000 Watt or higher.
Recreational category – includes three models, up to 3000 Watt.

Water Pumps product line:

Three models in the line, fulfilling water transfer needs. Homeowner or contractors can use these for draining swimming pools, flood control, irrigation and similar tasks. All Water Pumps are designed to long last in the harshest conditions.

Categories and models:

1" DeWatering Pump – 25cc engine displacement, 30 gallons per minute.
2" DeWatering Centrifugal Pump – 118cc engine displacement, 158 gallons per minute.
2" Trash Pump – 163cc engine displacement, 185 gallons per minute.

Pressure Washers product line:

Most of the tedious tasks homeowners are facing, such as cleaning salt, dirt or leaves or just washing the car, can be fast and easily completed by using a Pressure Washer. Make your life simple.

Categories and models:

Light Duty category – only one model, 94cc gas powered engine, 2000 PSI.
Medium Duty category – incudes two models, up to 2700 PSI.

Air Compressors product line:

Air Compressors and tools easily competes other electrical tools for performing maintenance tasks, automotive repairs, and construction work. With air tools you can control speed and torque, no heat is generated and nothing can leak out of it. It is safer, since it cannot burst into fire and electricity is not involved. This is why air tool will also last longer.

Categories and models:

Light Duty category – eight models, up to 10 gallons tank size.
Medium Duty category – eleven models, up to 26 gallons tank size.
Professional category - eleven models, up to 120 gallons tank size.

As you can see, Coleman Powermate is the best choice when reliability, diversity and quality are desired. Carefully choose among the variety of products the one that suites your needs.