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Coleman Powermate 5000

Few centuries ago, everything was quite simple. Torches were lit to provide light after sunset, water were springing in tunnels or simply brought with buckets, straight from the well. In order to boil the water or have a hot meal, a fire was set. Keeping cold or frozen food was not possible, unless natural ice source was nearby.

Nowadays, all those basic and essential actions are very simple to perform as bulb lights, water pumps, heaters, stoves and refrigerators are commonly spread and operating using electricity. Can you imagine life with no available power source? Well, an outage can surprise you, whether it is planned or not. Bad weather, earthquakes, other catastrophes and even sabotage will leave you out of the grid, taking you back to where electricity is not at reach.

Fortunately, the above scene should not hunt your dreams, since home backup solutions exist. The Coleman Powermate 5000 portable generator series meet the power needs of every house while disconnected from the grid. As the Coleman Powermate generators features vary, the 5000 series consists of five different models all can generate up to 5000 running watts. This covers most of the houses needs in terms of power consumption. All electricity devices will keep running, without any performance reduction.

All of the Coleman Powermate 5000 units are assembled with Over Head Valve (OVH) engines which increase fuel efficiency up to 20%. Cast iron sleeves wrapping the engine to keep it cooler and better protected against banging. These engines are quieter and have lower exhaust emissions levels. They are more expensive but will last longer.

However, each model has a unique configuration, combining different set of features. When choosing a Coleman Powermate 5000 generator you better consider the following characteristics:

Fuel tank size – the bigger the tank is the longer the generator can run. 5-6 gallons fuel tanks are common and will provide up to 11 hours run-time at 50% load. Larger tanks are not applicable for this series, but additional gas can always be added when it runs out.

Electric / manual start – refers to the generator ignition mechanism, suggesting the ease of starting the engine. Electric start usually requires push of  a button, while the manual start may involve pull chain or key-like lever that requires some strength and coordination to operate.

Voltage outlets – are simply the sockets where you plug your electrical appliances. There are different outlet configurations; most common is the standard duplex 120V, which can serve most of electrical equipment. 240V outlet is also available as well as 12V DC outlet.

External design – considering unit profile, handles, wheels and cage, these can affect mobility and storage options. Some units have low or small profile, wheels diameter also vary and handle can be folding, single or dual.

Compliance – some models were certified with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) as such demand exists.

Having considered your needs, choosing the best Coleman Powermate generator for home backup made easy. Make sure you have at hand such a simple solution that will literally keep your life alighted, warm and comfortable.